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Spay/Neuter is our priority.
Call 606-8476

Payment due at the time of Drop Off.

OPEN Monday thru Thursday!

Cash or Credit Cards accepted

                                          Appointments are made by phone. Please call with any questions.

                                          There is NO Application required to use the SPOT Clinic, just call!

VAW Mission Statement

Volunteers for Animal Welfare, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making our state a better place for people and animals by:

    • Endeavoring to reduce pet overpopulation.
    • Promoting adoption of animals in shelters across our state.
    • Providing humane education and community information services.
    • Serving as an advocate for animals and promoting humane standards.
    • Enhancing the relationship between animals and people.


SPOT Clinic

Our low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter clinic for low-income families is called the SPOT (Stop Pet Overpopulation Today) Clinic. The clinic number is 405.606.8476. The SPOT Clinic is located just south of downtown OKC at 2017 S. Santa Fe, (east of Shields) Oklahoma City, OK 73109. Click on MAP to print off directions, or GOOGLE directions. Since opening the SPOT Clinic on February 23, 2006, we have spayed and neutered over 40,000 cats and dogs!

 Dogs $40.00 - Cats $30.00

Drop off is 7:30 am to 8:30 am

We call once animals are ready to head home.

Pick up is no later than 5:30 pm.

Why Open a Spay/Neuter Clinic?

In the 1970's and 1980's society tried to euthanize (kill) our way out of the tragic pet overpopulation problem.  In the 1990's we believed adoption was the answer.  In the 2000's we discovered that we can't adopt our way out of this problem. To stop the killing of homeless animals, we must achieve a more effective balance between proactive programs (neutering assistance, pet retention, pet I.D. programs) and reactive ones (shelter/sanctuary, rescue and adoption programs).

We've discovered what companion animal rescuers have been seeking for more than a century... the way to end the killing of cats and dogs who have become homeless.  Getting there will only require that we devote more resources to stopping them from becoming homeless in the first place.  We must provide affordable spay/neuter services for the poor and working poor, pet retention education and pet I.D. programs. Now that we know the way home, we owe it to the animals we serve to follow that path without delay, WHATEVER IT MAY TAKE.


How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help us help the animals.  You can:


         Volunteer at the SPOT Clinic 4 hours once a month

         Purchase a Spay it Forward help a cat or dog in need

         Bring us items on our wish list       

         Become a member of VAW - new membership forms available

         Simply make a donation


"Remember us when making your estate plans. An estate donation is the perfect way to keep your legacy alive.